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Medical Center Staffing Services

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Medical Center Staffing Services is the in-house temporary staffing agency for Barnabas Health. Temporary hospital jobs are created due to increases in our patient volume, expansion of our services or coverage for our staff who are taking time off.

Medical Center Staffing Services

Individuals who apply for temporary assignments may be looking to supplement their primary income or seeking a position while they are involved in a career search. Temporary assignments vary in the amount of hours per week and their duration.

Often, individuals enjoy the flexibility of working at different facilities within the large health care system. A benefit of being a part of MCSS is that you will meet and work side by side with our staff employees and learn about potential job opportunities for which you are welcomed to apply.

Listed below are the various types of temporary opportunities that may be available at a given time at our hospitals, ambulatory centers, Barnabas Health physicians' offices throughout the state or System Business Office in Oceanport, NJ. However only current needs are posted by clicking on the link and selecting Medical Center Staffing Services under Facility, click Search Now.

Temporary Assignments:

  • Nursing – up to $60.00 hour
  • Certified Sterile Processing Techs
  • OR Techs
  • Certified Medical Assistants
  • Inpatients Coders
  • Receptionists
  • Clerical, including scanners
  • Administrative Support
  • Assignments in Finance

Join our temporary team and work alongside the best at Barnabas Health!

For more information e-mail us at: mcssjobs@barnabashealth.org.