Hospitalized children need toys and games because play is a child’s work. In a hospital, where children are separated from most of what is familiar, play and activities become valuable and safe outlets for feelings. Toys and games from our community friends will help keep the playrooms and waiting areas of The Children’s Hospital of New Jersey fun. They will also turn special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays, into happy celebrations. The Child Life Staff carefully selects appropriate personalized gifts for our children year-round. You and your group can help by following our guidelines.

Please Remember:

  • Donations must be distributed by members of the Child Life Staff.
  • We are only able to accept new toys.
  • No food items are permitted.
  • Toy guns and war games are not permitted.
  • Gifts must NOT be wrapped.
  • Please tag your gift with the donor’s name and address so that we can thank you!
  • Please see below for appropriate gift ideas.


Batteries: AA, C, D, AAA Stress balls Paint Brushes
Kid Scissors Crayons Playdough
Xbox 360 Games Construction paper Plastic Storage Bins (w/ lids)
Bubbles Stickers Glue

INFANT 0-12 months

Mobiles (all plastic) Cause/Effect toys Pajamas
Mirrors Teething toys Light up toys
Rattles Baby gym Baby shapes
Pacifiers Stacking toys Learning links
Crib toys Blankets Bibs
Bumbo Chair Baby Einstein Language Cards
Weleda baby massage oil

TODDLERS 12-36 months

Fat crayons Bubbles Dolls (multicultural)
Legos Board books Pajamas
Toy telephones Push n’ pull toys Little Tykes toys
Plastic Tonka trucks Stacking/sorting toys Musical/light up toys
Fisher Price aqua ball game

PRESCHOOL 3-5 years

Fisher Price play sets Board games Toy trains/cars/trucks
Puzzles Doctor Kits Dolls (multicultural)
Mr. Potato Head Arts & crafts kits Kitchen/household toys
Nerf balls Squeeze Balls Playdough and accessories
Pajamas Viewmasters

SCHOOL AGE 6-12 years

Barbie Clothes Pajamas Electronic handheld games
Playing cards Action figures Dress up dolls
Nerf toys Sand art Craft kits
Board games Puzzles Match box cars
Art supplies Diaries Models (e.g. trains, planes, etc)

ADOLESCENT 13+ years

Stationary Pads/pens/notebooks Blank books/diaries
Soduku/Crossword books Advanced art supplies Colored pencils
Playing cards Board games Lip gloss
Xbox 360 games Nail polish Pajamas
Gift Cards (see below)

Gift Cards

Toy Stores (Toys-R-Us, Zany Brainy)
Music and Book Stores (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Coconuts, etc.)
Clothing Stores (Gap, Old Navy, Target, Kmart, Wal-Mart)
Art Supply/Fabric Stores (The Rag Shop, A.C. Moore)
Apple IPOD gift cards

BOARD GAME Suggestions:

Connect Four Clue Guess Who Dominos
Chutes and Ladders Puzzles Othello Monopoly Jr.
Candy Land Life Monopoly
Playing Cards Taboo Uno
Operation Memory Games Perfection
Jenga Scattegories Checkers
Skip Bo Chess


PS3 Games
Nintendo DS Games
Nintendo Wii Games
Xbox 360 Games

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