A New Playroom Rich with Aquatic Life

Every child needs a place to escape during a hospital stay. At Clara Maass Medical Center, we have created that space in our newly renovated pediatric playroom, which offers kids a unique and welcoming "aquatic" experience. More importantly, the playroom provides kids and their families with some much-needed distance from the medical technologies and treatments that abound outside its doors.

"Our new pediatric playroom is a bright and cheery place," says Jane Newman Kessler, CFRE, Vice President of the Clara Maass Medical Center Foundation. "It is a place where kids go for safe and therapeutic playtime, and it helps them adjust to their hospitalization. This new environment makes kids smile which aids in the overall healing process."

Designed as an aquarium, the new space brings the best of underwater life indoors. Kids marvel at the fish and coral, bubbles on the ceiling, and large wall unit designed as a submarine. The updated room complements the beautiful view of the Cherry Blossom Trees in Branch Brook Park just beyond the windows of the pediatrics floor.

The project was funded by grants from the George Link Foundation, Starlight Foundation, as well as the Foundation's 'A Tasteful Experience' fundraiser held in November 2013.