Cardiac Services-Adult

The most technologically advanced equipment is used to accurately and quickly diagnose and confirm suspected coronary disease. Clara Masss is a licensed adult cardiac catheterization facility, which allows cardiologists to coordinate all aspects of testing that may contribute to decisions regarding medical management or cardiovascular surgery referral for heart disease. Tests include routine EKGs, 24-hour holter monitoring, vascular studies, 2D Echo with Doppler & Color Flow, 64-Slice CT, stress echocardiograms, nuclear stress testing and transesophageal echocardiography.

Elective Angioplasty

An angioplasty is a procedure in which a small balloon is inserted to open a blocked artery to restore blood flow to the heart. Elective angioplasty procedures are now available at Clara Masss Medical Center.

Cardiac Rehabilitation


A supervised exercise/education program assisting individuals who have or have had heart attack, stable angina, valve surgery, coronary artery bypass, congestive heart failure, pacemaker, or heart transplant is also offered. The program strives to provide each participant with improvement in cardiovascular fitness, risk factor reduction, lifestyle modification and increased confidence to participate in safe daily activities. Patients and families are provided with education regarding recognition, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

CardioMEMS Heart Failure Treatment

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