Community Health

Clara Maass is committed to community wellness. A variety of health screenings and education programs are offered throughout the year to community residents and employees. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer (PAP smear), skin cancer, vision, blood pressure, cardiac risk, audiology, foot disorders and comprehensive blood screenings are some of the screenings offered. Presentations on various health topics are available to community groups, organizations and clubs through the speaker's bureau. Additional programs such as pneumonia vaccinations and education programs for seniors and a smoking prevention program for primary schools are held in collaboration with local health departments and other community agencies.

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Speakers Bureau
If you are interested in coordinating an event featuring a health expert from Clara Maass Medical Center, please contact our Community Health Department at 973-450-2116.

Community Health Screenings

Blood Pressure and Glucose

Glen Ridge Pharmacy & Surgical
855 Bloomfield Avenue, Glen Ridge
4th Monday of every month

Blood Pressure

Nutley Shop-Rite
437 Franklin Ave, Nutley
1st Thursday of every month

Bloomfield Stop & Shop
8 Franklin Street, Bloomfield
1st Tuesday of every month

Clifton Stop & Shop
160 Kingsland Ave, Clifton
3rd Tuesday of every month

Cholesterol (2 hour fast recommended)

Glen Ridge Pharmacy and Surgical
855 Bloomfield Avenue, Glen Ridge
2nd Monday of every month

Nutley Shop-Rite
437 Franklin Ave, Nutley
2nd Thursday of every month

HB Pharmacy
98 Ridge Road, North Arlington
3rd Thursday of every month

Glucose (2 hour fast recommended)

Nutley Shop-Rite
437 Franklin Ave, Nutley
3rd Thursday of every month

Comprehensive Blood Screening (fee of $40)

Clara Maass Medical Center
Belleville Founders Room
One Clara Maass Drive, Belleville
4th Thursday of every month

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