What to Expect

The Joint & Spine Institute at Clara Maass

The Institute uses a nationally recognized patient management program providing guidelines for orthopedic patients to follow both pre-operatively and post-operatively. Orthopedists involved with the program follow established protocols that are proven to lead to improved clinical outcomes, quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays.

Before the surgery, you will:

  • Attend a group educational class to learn about your surgery
  • Receive a comprehensive education book that you can follow throughout your experience

During your stay, you will:

  • Be treated by a specially-trained health care team
  • Attend group physical therapy sessions twice a day with fellow patients
  • Receive daily newsletters to keep you updated on activities and schedules
  • Benefit from a friend or family member who is trained as your recovery “coach”
  • Wear your own clothing rather than a hospital gown

Before you are discharged, you will:

  • Attend a group discharge class to ensure that you are prepared to return home

A unique approach

The Joint & Spine Institute at Clara Maass utilizes a group support and activities approach to help patients recover in a fun, effective and meaningful way. Housed on a dedicated orthopedic unit within the hospital, amenities include an activity room, a separate group PT gym and eight private patient rooms equipped with telemetry monitoring. Education, another essential component of the program, will lessen anxiety before surgery and enable easier rehabilitation following surgery. The program also emphasizes visual progress to motivate patients to reach goals and milestones during recovery. For example, the “Joint Adventures” board allows patients to see progress by tracking how far he or she walks each day. Patients will feel involved and encouraged through each step.

Support from your coach

The Joint & Spine Institute recognizes that support during recovery comes in many forms. In addition to the health care team, having a close friend or family member act as a patient “coach” is helpful during the recovery process. Coaches will receive training from staff to help support a patient’s recovery in every way possible.

A dedicated health care team

At The Joint & Spine Institute, expert caregivers will work with patients to achieve goals. The dedicated Nursing, PT and OT staff, as well as Case Manager, Social Worker and Dietician, will work to ensure that every patient experience is outstanding and every patient outcome is maximized.

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