Women's Imaging Center - Debra Resch

I am a mother and a grandmother, a wife and a friend. As a woman I tend to try to do everything but I can only be there for my loved ones if I take care of myself.

Thanks to the outstanding care I received at the Women’s Imaging Center at Community Medical Center, I will never go anywhere else for my annual mammogram. Dr. Jorge Pardes is in a class all his own. I was so impressed by him. He told me I would not leave the day of my ultrasound test without answers and he was right. I didn’t.

The whole experience is one I won’t forget. I am so grateful.

The Women’s Imaging Center at Community Medical Center offers an expert team of highly-trained breast imagers who skillfully read mammogram screenings. And, additional diagnostic tests, like the ultrasound that I needed, are available right there in the same location. From the knowledgeable technicians to the efficient receptionist that scheduled my appointment, everyone was professional and kind.

Community Medical Center provides state-of-the-art digital mammography. The equipment at the Women’s Imaging Center offers the largest field of view currently available and images are ready to be interpreted within 10 seconds. Digital mammography images are also available online. As a patient, I appreciate these options for getting my results faster!

Generous donations make positive outcomes like mine possible for all patients.

Debra Resch
West Creek, NJ

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