Meet Our Team

Susan Lanning, BSN

Concierge Specialist

Susan Lanning has had over 30 years of invaluable experience working in healthcare. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She has worked in Critical Care settings, Adolescent Psychiatry, Professional Recruitment, Quality Assurance and Internal Medicine. She came to Jersey City Medical Center in January of 2006, where she created the role of Patient Throughput Specialist. After one year, her responsibilities expanded, and she became involved in Physician Satisfaction initiatives, spearheaded a team to design and implement a new Physician Orientation format, and, along with co-workers, has recently completed three new editions of the Physician Directory. Susan has established a Corporate Liaison position and relationship with major Investment Banking Firms, and has brought many patients to our Outpatient Radiology Department, and recommended many top physicians to the corporate and residential population. She has also shown outstanding customer service in navigating these patients through our Emergency Department and inpatient system, if needed.

Susan joined her co-workers to assist in writing the Magnet Document in 2008, and upon acceptance of the Document by the ANCC, was part of the implementation team to handle all of the logistics of their site visit. The Hospital was successfully designated a Magnet Facility, which is the highest existing nursing excellence award.

Most recently, Susan actively participated on the Strategic Plan for the Hospital, and assisted with the roll-out of our new Mission, Vision and Values. She has now assumed the role of Director of the Corporate and Residential Relationship Program, which provides “Concierge” style navigation and guidance through the healthcare continuum. This service, Gold Coast Concierge, is complimentary. It includes expedited care through the Emergency Department, timely radiology appointments and results and a one- on- one experienced medical concierge to assist with any healthcare needs. She has developed a Speakers’ Bureau, which consists of Primary Care and Specialty Physician experts, and has introduced educational Lunch and Learn sessions in many downtown corporations drawing from this list. Susan also participates in the organization of the “Dinner With The Doctor” Series, which also features a different physician each month, and an educational presentation to approximately100 community members.

Contact Susan at 201-915-2897