Frequently Asked Questions

JCMC patient portal

How old do I have to be to participate in the patient portal?
You must be at least 18 years old.

Is there a fee to use the patient portal?
No, it is complimentary. It is a service provided from our hospital system, to you, our valued patient.

How soon will I see my electronic health record from my stay at Jersey City Medical Center?
Approximately 36 hours after your discharge you will be able to see a summary of your inpatient or observation stay.

Will I be able to see my entire health record from Jersey City Medical Center?
No, you will see a summary of your inpatient or observation stay that includes demographics, allergies, vital signs, problems, lab results, discharge medications, immunizations, procedures, chief complaint, and discharge instructions. There may be additional information that was not available at the time the information was sent to the portal. This updated information will not be available in the portal.

Is my information secure?
Yes, security is of utmost importance when transferring personal data. Our Patient Portal is protected using industry standard security measures.

Who has access to my patient portal?
Only you have access to your information unless you grant access within the Access Sharing Module within the portal for a family member, caregiver etc. You will need your Medical Record Number (MRN) from your Discharge instructions and your Admission date to validate your enrollment.

What are the benefits of using a patient portal?
Accessing your personal medical records through a patient portal can help you be more actively involved in your own health care.

Can I communicate with my physician from the patient portal?
Not at this time.

Can I request a medication refill using the patient portal?
No. While the patient portal does list your medications, you will still need to contact your physician's office to refill your prescriptions

What is the process if I see a discrepancy of the health information from my inpatient stay?
If you see a discrepancy please contact the Medical Records department.

What software and hardware do I need to access the Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal is web-based, so most up-to-date versions of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari will work. Most operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS are also compatible with the Patient Portal.

If I do not have an email address, how can I get one?
You must have an email address to enroll in the patient portal. To setup an email address, please visit any of the following websites listed (not associated with Jersey City Medical Center) If you do not have a computer most public libraries have computers that are available for use at no charge.


What if I forget my password?
Upon logging in with your username, select "forgot Password"?
Enter your user name and email address click "submit."
Answer Security Questions.
You will be prompted to log back into the portal with your new password.

Who can I contact if I am having technical problems using the patient portal?
There is a Contact Us section in the patient portal that allows you to submit any questions you have regarding the portal or you can call 1-877-444-7194.

Who can I contact if there is incorrect clinical information on my clinical summary?
Please contact our Medical Records Department at 201-915-2152.

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