Triumph of the Heart

When you hear the stories, you begin to understand why JCMC cardiac care is so highly ranked by doctors, nurses and patients across New Jersey and beyond.

Heart of a Champion

In need of complex repairs for her damaged heart, why did Barbara Buchanan bypass other heart hospitals closer to her Sussex County home-for a heart bypass at JCMC? Because this time, she needed it done right.
See her story, meet her doctors

Heart of an Optimist

Jack Koval spent a lifetime teaching the kids of Jersey City to succeed in the face of adversity. Facing the strain of congestive heart failure at age 75, he needed some expert guidance himself. He found it closer to home than he ever imagined.
See his story, meet his doctor

Heart of an Innovator

Faced with a life-threatening condition, why would a man who could travel anywhere choose to stay close to home for a leading edge minimally invasive procedure? Because Charles Donohue knows what JCMC can do.
See his story, meet his doctor

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