Types of Stroke

What Are the Types of Stroke?

JCMC stroke, brain attack

Stroke is often called a “brain attack” which cuts off the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain. When a stroke occurs, it kills brain cells in the area surrounding where the clot or breakage occurs.

There are 2 types of strokes, Ischemic (blockage) and Hemorrhagic (bleeding):

  • Ischemic - Caused when there is a blockage in the blood vessels to the brain. It begins with the development of fat deposits lining the walls of the blood vessels. About 85% of all strokes are ischemic. Ischemic strokes can occur in 2 ways:
    • Embolic-Clot travels to the brain from another part of the body
    • Thrombotic-Clot develops in an artery.
  • Hemorrhagic - Caused by bursting or leaking blood vessels in the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes account for about 15% of all strokes.