How to Apply

Application: GPR Dental Residency

Dental General Practice Residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Over 200 scheduled lectures form the planned
didactic curriculum of our GPR program.

The deadline for the NBIMC GPR Application may be found of the PASS website.

NOTE: The National Matching Service is NOT required. We DO NOT participate in the Match.

Since PASS is not mandatory, you can download OUR OWN APPLICATION FORM. Letters of recommendation DO NOT have to be in a sealed, ink signed envelope. Original dental school transcripts are required. We prefer to receive all items in one envelope, but we will accept your application’s items if mailed separately.

The following is included in a complete PASS application or you can mail these items directly to us if you are not using PASS:

  1. NBIMC Dental GPR Application form
  2. SHORT essay on why you want a post-graduate residency and/or specifically our residency
  3. Dental School transcript of grades including the end of the Junior year and your scores for National Boards, Part 1
  4. At least one letter of recommendation from Dental School clinical faculty
  5. At least one more letter of recommendation from Dental School faculty, clinical or non-clinical
  6. A 2x2 picture

All of your documents as described in the above checklist must be in our office before the PASS Deadline. Interviews are held in early December.

Note: College transcripts are NOT necessary. All items must be in our hands by the PASS deadline in order to be an eligible candidate.

Mail to:

Department of Dentistry
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
201 Lyons Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112

Dental General Practice Residency

The GPR is the only post-graduate dental education program at the Beth. Our GPR’s perform all of the specialty services, including oral & maxillofacial surgery. OMS sessions have scheduled OMS faculty (left) for direct resident supervision.Dental General Practice Residency

With a full time GPR Program Director and a dedicated group of over 50 voluntary part time faculty, clinic session coverage is excellent.
An extra Dental Attending (left) is scheduled to be present during every periodontal and endodontic surgery for 1:1 direct supervision of our GPR’s.

Interview Process

Applicants who are selected for an interview should plan on spending several hours with us on a Sunday in early December. Through a personal interview with several of the dental directors and one of the current dental residents, followed by time spent with other current dental residents and other staff members, the applicant can gain a realistic impression of the program which we offer.

Dental General Practice Residency at Newark Beth Israel

Each GPR Dental Resident personally performs full mouth restorative dentistry in the Operating Room for Special Needs patients. A Dental Attending (holding x-rays) is present during every O.R. case for 1:1 direct resident supervision.

Final selection of applicants is based on weighing the interview process, transcripts, letters of recommendation and other extracurricular factors. After the interviews, applicants chosen for acceptance into our GPR Program MUST pass National Boards, Part 2 and be awarded their dental diploma by their dental school in order to acquire a New Jersey State Board of Dentistry Hospital Dental Resident permit. This permit (or a dental license) is required by NJ State law.

For more information on our program, please contact us.

Thank you.

(973) 926-7642, (FAX) 926-5306



Address application inquiries to Dr. Bergman.

Contact Us

For more information about the program, including the application and eligibility, curriculum and education assessment, directors and faculty, orientation and rotation schedules, please use the contact information below:

Carol Smith
Dental Residency Coordinator

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Department of Dentistry
201 Lyons Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112

TEL: (973) 926-7642

Dental General Practice Residency

The medical center provides high tech instrumentation for clinical teaching sessions including fiber optic high speed rotary, endodontic microscopy, rotary endo, hot gutta percha and new techniques and materials as they become available.

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