Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus Rehabilitation department offers the region’s most specialized therapists and support staff in order to provide a complete range of healthcare services. Comprehensive services include outpatient audiology, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services include:

  • Audiology
    • Auditory Brainstem Assessment for Neurodiagnostic and Threshold Assessment
    • Complete Audiological Evaluation Services (hearing tests)
    • Computerized Balance Testing; Electronystagmography
    • Computerized Posturography Evaluation
    • Otoacoustic Emission Testing (OAE)
    • Ototoxicity Monitoring
  • Physical Therapy
    • Arthritis Treatment
    • Balance Disorders
    • Back and Neck Dysfunctions
    • Gait Disorders
    • Geriatric Strengthening Program
    • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
    • Motor Vehicle Injuries
    • Shoulder Injuries and Rotator Cuff Tears
    • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation
    • Wrist and Hand Sprains
  • Speech-Language Pathology
    • Auditory Training
    • Dysphagia Therapy
    • Individual Speech-Language Therapy
    • Oral Motor/Myofunctional Therapy

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps people regain independence with self-care and activities of daily living, as well as teach skills that can improve their quality of life. Through the use of functional activities, treatments by occupational therapist may focus on the following:

  • Adapting the home environment
  • Compensation for memory loss
  • Compensation for visual impairments
  • Dressing, grooming and hygiene tasks
  • Upper body strengthening

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists assist in recovery of those with health problems resulting from injury or disease. They help them to relieve their pain, regain use of a weak limb or relearn activities such as standing and walking – they ultimately make these individuals stronger. Physical therapists may perform the following treatments for their patients:

  • Balance Training
  • Functional Training to stand or walk
  • Movement Re-education
  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen muscles or regain use of an injured limb
  • Training in the use of artificial limbs and assistive devices

Speech-Language Pathology

  • Auditory Training
  • Dysphagia Therapy
  • Individual Speech-Language Therapy
  • Oral Motor/Myofunctional Therapy
  • Video Swallow Studies

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 3:00 pm. Evening hours are also available two times a week.

Insurance Coverage

We will bill all insurance companies for you. Since policy requirements differ, it is your responsibility to be aware of your insurance requirement. A physician’s prescription is required for all services and can be faxed to 732.942.5922.

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule an appointment or would like further information, call 732.942.5921.

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