Acute Care for the Elderly - Jeff & Kim's Story

Grateful Family: Jeff & Kim Price

Jeff & Kim Price

It is never easy to care for an ailing parent, however, Jeff and Kim Price of Monmouth Beach found that with the help of Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus (MMCSC) and Drs. Singh and Mohan that weight was lifted a bit. While recovering from a broken hip, Jeff’s mother, Helen, 86, was readmitted to MMCSC’s Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit due to complications from pneumonia. Although, she was receiving home health care aide 24/7, her primary care physicians thought it best that she be seen as an inpatient at MMCSC.

“We immediately saw a tremendous change from what was Kimball to what is now Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus,” Jeff Price said. “The facility looked terrific with beautiful, large private rooms and the nursing staff was amazing. Each nurse we encountered was compassionate, kind and knowledgeable.”

All those who were charged with Helen’s care took the time to know her on a personal level which was of great comfort to Jeff and Kim. While they almost always had a family member on-site visiting with Helen, they knew during the times no one could be there that she would be cared for in a compassionate and dignified manner. And when family members were at the hospital, nurses and staff went above and beyond to make sure they were comfortable as well, bringing in coffee trays and making everyone feel welcomed.

Jeff and Kim were so impressed by the communication between departments in the hospital. Due to her medical condition, Helen was unable to chew certain things and needed a puree of real food instead. Food services accommodated this request almost immediately, getting Helen the food she needed within a half hour. Jeff then received a call from patient services to make sure their request had been taken care of sufficiently.

“There just seems to be a great communication flow throughout the hospital,” Kim Price said. “Everyone who works here is most concerned about doing what is best for the patient and family. Making sure everyone is comfortable and cared for.”

Even though Helen has since passed away, Jeff and Kim are extremely grateful for the care she received during her time at MMCSC. Dr. Singh and Helen’s immediate nurse were not only attentive to Helen, but also served the Price’s needs. Each provided them with their direct contact information allowing them to call day or night in regards to Helen’s care.

“We would recommend Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus and the ACE Unit to family and friends without hesitation,” said Jeff. “Every person I encountered was kind. I always received a hello in the hallway and these are the things that mean so much when you’re going through such a traumatic loss.”