Geriatric Emergency Medicine - Bob's Story

Compassionate Care Impresses Both Patients and Families

Bob HertzendorfUnexpected trips to the hospital can be unsettling. But, when Lakewood resident Bob Hertzendorf brought his beloved wife Phyllis in for emergency treatment, he was immediately impressed by the level of care and compassion.

When Phyllis heart rate dropped and she began sweating, her husband of 65 years was understandably concerned. Phyllis suffers from atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib, an irregular heartbeat that can lead to serious heart-related complications, such as blood clots and stroke.

When Phyllis and Bob arrived in the Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) Unit at Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, Bob was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The GEM Unit was developed in an effort to create an atmosphere that meets the unique health care needs of aging patients in a variety of ways – the result being efficient, safe, specialized medical care for older adults.

“From the time we arrived in the ambulance, the care was exemplary,” says Bob. “Phyllis means the world to me and to witness the way the staff at Monmouth South treated my wife with such tender, loving care truly touched me. It was as if they were caring for their own mother!”

In addition to providing high-quality medical expertise, Bob found each and every staff member at the facility to be friendly and informative.

“When you are in the hospital, it makes such a difference to have someone with a friendly smile caring for you,” he says. “The attention the staff paid to my wife’s emotional state surely made Phyllis’ physical healing much faster.”

Like many, Bob admits he’s not fond of surprises. But when Phyllis was admitted for further treatment, he was pleasantly surprised with her private room – not only was it nearby the nurse’s station, but there were accommodations for him to stay with her.

“In the 18 years we have lived in Lakewood, we have seen the hospital change and grow. With significant updates in the last few years, we are more confident than ever in the medical care provided so close to home,” says Bob. “We are proud to encourage our friends and neighbors to visit Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus.”

For more information on the Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) Unit, call 732.886.4525.