About the Breast Center

Monmouth Medical Center's Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center, with new satellite locations in Colts Neck and Howell, takes a coordinated approach to breast health, for both well and cancer care, in a comfortable and supportive environment It is equipped with the most technologically advanced systems, offering a comprehensive array of preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services.

Recently, three prestigious honors were awarded to the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center (JMWCBC) in recognition of its standing as the region's top breast center. These honors include:

Imaging Technology News— a publication with nearly 50 years of medical publishing history — recognized the JMWCBC at MMC among the "Top Five Women's Imaging Centers for 2010" for its "achievements in innovation, operational efficiency, customer service and teamwork."

As one of just five facilities in the nation chosen, the JMWCBC is lauded as an early adopter of new technology, a participant in clinical trials and applying novel techniques and imaging systems.

The NAPBC (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers), a program administered by the America College of Surgeons, granted a three-year full accreditation designation to the JMWCBC for "providing the highest quality evaluation and management of patients with breast disease." To receive this designation, a first for Monmouth and Ocean counties, the JMWCBC demonstrated compliance with standards established by the NAPBC for treating women who are diagnosed with the full spectrum of breast disease. In the comments section of the survey report, it was noted that the Wilentz Center is "one of the best in terms of organizational structure, and that the standards of care are held by everybody at a 100 percent level. Physician and all participants are clearly committed to the concepts of care espoused by the accreditation standards. Overall care is excellent." This accreditation affirms the JMWCBC's commitment to offering its patients every significant advantage in their battle against breast disease.

JMWCBC is the first facility in New Jersey and the tenth in the nation to receive "Certified Quality Breast Center" accreditation from the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers (NQMBC).

This program is a quality initiative of the National Consortium of Breast Centers Inc., and represents the JMWCBC's commitment to providing the highest level of quality breast health. Metrics are standards of measurement by which quality and performance are measured, and this program uses quality metrics to allow breast centers to compare their performance with the best facilities across the United States. Our accreditation status indicates that our quality performance equals the very best results in breast imaging, surgery and pathology, as well as timeliness of care, mammography call back rate, five-year stage survival rate, and patient satisfaction, among other indicators.