About Roll Out The Ribbons

About Roll Out The Ribbons

Monmouth Medical Center, along with our local residents, is dedicated to a long-term awareness campaign designed to bring together the surrounding communities in the fight against all types of cancer. Together, we are striving to educate the community about the risk factors associated with cancer and preventive approaches to the disease, and help those affected cope with the challenges ahead. We all know that there is strength in numbers and one unified voice speaks louder and more clearly than many different ones. The Roll Out The Ribbons campaign is designed to do just that — bring together surrounding communities for a strong fight against a single enemy that takes on many forms: Cancer.


Everyone has been touched in some way by some form of cancer — it’s time to join together to raise awareness of EVERY CANCER in EVERY COMMUNITY.

With YOUR SUPPORT, PARTICIPATION and INVOLVEMENT, we can help bring awareness to the fight against all types of cancer on a unified, local community level, with likeminded individuals, businesses, retailers, schools, sports teams and civic organizations coming together for an inspirational cause.

Our Mission

Every minute of every day, another person dies from cancer. It’s too many moms, dads, best friends, colleagues; the list goes on and on. Roll Out The Ribbons is dedicated to bringing together our local communities for a long-term awareness campaign in the fight against all types of cancer. By joining together, we can raise awareness, honor those brave individuals we’ve lost and support all those who are fighting cancer now and in the future.


Ways You Can Help

In order to succeed, Roll Out The Ribbons needs and appreciates your help! Area residents can help by volunteering at any of our upcoming events, fundraisers, pledge drives and the like. The same thing goes for local businesses, retailers, schools and community groups.