Patient Navigators

Navigating the Course of Cancer Care: Patient Navigators

By : Sherry Campbell Grumet, M.A., M.S., L.G.C.

The journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery can be challenging. Patient navigators work with patients, their families and their physicians to make this process smoother.

The patient navigator serves as a liaison between the patient and the treating physicians and hospital to provide guidance on the resources available at certain stages of diagnosis and treatment. The navigator will often help the patient to make appointments and assist with insurance issues.

The Leon Hess Cancer Center patient navigators are nurses who have previous experience working with oncology patients. They can answer questions regarding the treatment the physicians has recommended and can help guide the patient if they experience complications during their treatment.

Navigators can also help with the healing process by providing patients and their families with social support, communicating with the cancer center’s social worker, referring to support groups and providing online resources to patients.