Prostate Cancer Specialists

At the Prostate Cancer Program at Monmouth Medical Center, our multidisciplinary team of physicians discusses all non-surgical and surgical treatment options with patients and their families to determine which option is right for them. Our radiation oncologists and urologists have vast experience using prostate seed implantation therapy, a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option for prostate cancer that is fast, virtually painless and is associated with a quicker recovery time with reduced side-effects. Our radiation oncologists and urologists have published and presented multiple papers both internationally and in the U.S. on seed implantation and High Dose Rate Radiation for prostate cancer. Our medical oncologists are at the forefront of treating prostate cancer with chemotherapy if the need arises, to provide comprehensive care to men with prostate cancer.

Radiation Oncologists

Sang Sim, MD Sang E Sim, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Mitchell Weiss, MD Mitchell F Weiss, MD
Chairman, Radiation Oncology


Jules Geltzeiler, MD, FACS Jules M Geltzeiler, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Chief, Section of Urology
Ira Keselman, MD, FACS Ira Keselman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Y. Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS Y Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon

Medical Oncologists

Seth D. Cohen, MD Seth D. Cohen, MD
Rosemary P. Fiore, MD Rosemary P. Fiore, MD, Ph.D
Patrick C. Lee, MD Patrick C. Lee, MD
David J. Sharon, MD David J. Sharon, MD