Prostate Cancer Specialists

A board-certified radiation oncology specialist who previously served as chief of the radiation oncology residency program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, where he had specialized training in prostate implant techniques, Monmouth Medical Center radiation oncologist Sang Sim, M.D., says the beauty of this treatment option is that it conforms the radiation dose to the target and spares surrounding healthy tissue and organs. During his postgraduate training, Dr. Sim, focused his specialty training on brachytherapy for prostate cancer and he has been invited to sit on the national prostate cancer committee of the Patterns of Care Study within the American College of Radiology (ACR). The Patterns of Care Study (PCS), supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute and administered by the ACR, has conducted surveys of the structure, process and outcomes of care for patients treated with radiation therapy for more than 25 years and seeks to improve the quality of care received by cancer patients by conducting national surveys of radiation therapy delivery. Dr. Sim joined physicians from such prestigious institutions as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Fox Chase Cancer Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Massachusetts General Hospital who analyzed national trends in treatment of prostate cancer and how clinical studies and new data affects this over time.

Radiation Oncologists

Sang Sim, MD Sang E Sim, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Mitchell Weiss, MD Mitchell F Weiss, MD
Chairman, Radiation Oncology


Michael P. Esposito, MD Michael P Esposito, MD
Urology Surgeon
Jules Geltzeiler, MD, FACS Jules M Geltzeiler, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Chief, Section of Urology
Ira Keselman, MD, FACS Ira Keselman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Vincent J Lanteri, MD Vincent J Lanteri, MD
Urology Surgeon
Y. Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS Y Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Pierre J. Mendoza, MD Pierre J Mendoza, MD
Urology Surgeon
Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon

Medical Oncologists

Seth D. Cohen, MD Seth D. Cohen, MD
Rosemary P. Fiore, MD Rosemary P. Fiore, MD
Patrick C. Lee, MD Patrick C. Lee, MD
David J. Sharon, MD David J. Sharon, MD