Medical Oncology

MMC Cancer Medical Oncology

Treating cancer through the use of chemicals, hormones or biological products is the focus of medical oncology. At the Leon Hess Cancer Center, these cancer-fighting medications and therapies are delivered by medical oncologists during the complete course of treatment. Many times, they also direct patients through the pathways of the entire cancer experience, providing supportive care and coordinating treatment offered by other specialists as part of the center’s interdisciplinary approach to cancer care.

Our board-certified medical oncologists are experienced in every phase of cancer treatment management, including planning, coordination and collaboration. They work closely with radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists to ensure patients receive the most effective treatment — whether it involves one or more cancer therapies, given simultaneously or concurrently.

In addition, our medical oncologists are supported by highly skilled nurses and other allied health professionals in both outpatient and inpatient settings to provide individualized care that meets the medical, physical and psychological needs of patients before, during and after treatment. They offer patients the convenience of a private pharmacist on site, patient navigator and social workers, as well as access to the latest clinical trials and personalized medicine that is based on genetic-based therapy that allows physicians to choose highly targeted treatment plans.