Our Surgeons

Our Breast Surgeons

Stephen A Chagares, MD Stephen A. Chagares, MD
Sumy H. Chang, MD Sumy H. Chang, MD
ERnest Michael Ginalis, MD Ernest Michael Ginalis, MD, FACS
Aron L Gornish, MD Aron L. Gornish, MD
Michael A. Goldfarb, MD Michael A. Goldfarb, MD, FACS
Mark Robert Schwartz, MD Mark Robert Schwartz, MD, FACS

Our Colorectal Surgeons

Michael Arvanitis, MD Michael Arvanitis, MD
Roy Dressner, DO Roy M Dressner, DO
Thomas R. Lake, III, MD Thomas R Lake III, MD
Glenn S Parker, MD Glenn S Parker, MD

Our Esophageal and Gastric Surgeons

Frank Borao MD Frank J Borao, MD
Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Steven J Binenbaum MD Steven J Binenbaum, MD
Roy M Dressner, DO Roy M Dressner, DO
Ian T Cohen, MD Ian T Cohen, MD
Anthony J Squillaro, MD Anthony J Squillaro, MD

Our Neurologial Surgeons

David Estin, MD David Estin, MD, FACS
Neurological Surgery *
Timothy Link, MD Timothy Link, MD
Neurological Surgery
Spine Surgery
Jonathan H. Lustgarten, MD Jonathan H. Lustgarten, MD
Neurological Surgery*
Ty J. Olson, MD Ty J. Olson, MD
Neurological Surgery*
*= board certified

Our Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgeons

Frederick C Ezon, MD Frederick C Ezon, MD
Vin Prabhat, MD Vin Prabhat, MD
John L. Saporito, MD John L Saporito, MD
Darsit K. Shah, MD Darsit K Shah, MD
Michael A. Tavill, MD Michael A Tavill, MD
Eric L. Winarsky, MD Eric L Winarsky, MD

Our Thoracic Surgeons

Christopher E. Mascio, MD Christopher E Mascio, MD
Vincent Moss, MD Vincent Moss, MD
Default Image Peter D Scalia, MD
Default Image Anthony J Squillaro, MD

Our Urology Surgeons

Jules Geltzeiler, MD, FACS Jules M Geltzeiler, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Chief, Section of Urology
Michael P. Esposito, MD Michael P Esposito, MD
Urology Surgeon
Betsy A Greenleaf, DO Betsy A Greenleaf, DO
Urology Surgeon, Urogynecology
Ira Keselman, MD, FACS Ira Keselman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Vincent J Lanteri, MD Vincent J Lanteri, MD
Urology Surgeon
Y. Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS Y Samuel Litvin, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon
Pierre J. Mendoza, MD Pierre J Mendoza, MD
Urology Surgeon
Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS Ilan Waldman, MD, FACS
Urology Surgeon