Patient Stories

Life is made of moments – stories of triumph, joy and struggle. And for those of us who call the local area home, many of these moments take place at Monmouth Medical Center. Our doctors, nurses, specialists and technicians are by your side in the fight against cancer – celebrating the highs and helping you through the lows. Yes, life happens here, and we are honored to play a role in making it better.

We are honored to share these moments – just some of the stories of those whose lives have intersected with ours, and we were honored to treat. We thank them for allowing us to share their stories.

John Oceanport Resident Fights Aggressive Form of Cancer with Support from Monmouth Medical Center Hematologist Oncologist
When John DiDomenico was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer two years ago, he knew the odds were against him.
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Mike Colon Surgery that’s a Cut Above the Rest.
For colon cancer patients like Mike Ferraro of Hazlet, minimally invasive colon cancer means less pain and scarring, a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and lessened overall disability.
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The Dangers of Waiting: Regular Screenings and Checkups Cut Colorectal Cancer Risk
“I never thought the digestive issues and pain I had were cancer. My husband, siblings and their spouses always got colonoscopies beginning at age 50, but I didn’t – I operated under the assumption that if it wasn’t broken, why try to fix it,” she says. “While I can’t regret it now, I’ve learned that it’s important to get checkups regularly and call the doctor immediately if you’re in pain.”
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Gene Ballooning Enthusiast Recovers From Prostate Cancer Surgery in Time for International Balloon Event
Gene learned he had early stage prostate cancer and immediately began extensive research to determine his treatment options. Gene reviewed the video on Drs. Lanteri and Esposito's website and brought a full list of questions with him to his initial visit. After meeting Drs. Lanteri and Esposito, Gene decided to schedule his prostatectomy as a robotic surgery procedure at Monmouth Medical Center.
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John Local Resident Fights Prostate Cancer with Robotic Surgery at Monmouth Medical Center
John Reardon, of Neptune, was waiting until he was 50 to get his first prostate exam. However, with a family history of prostate cancer, his friends at work urged him not to wait.
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Ramona Ramona’s Fight: Local Woman Battles Colon Cancer
Biopsy results following the procedure revealed that at age 53, Ramona had colon cancer. Ramona turned to Roy Dressner, D.O., a practicing board-certified colorectal surgeon at Monmouth Medical Center to provide colon surgery.
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Colon Surgery that’s a Cut Above the Rest
For colon cancer patients like Eatontown resident Bruce Comins, minimally invasive colon cancer means less pain and scarring, a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and lessened overall disability.
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