Childbirth Preparation and Parenting Programs

Department of Community Health Education at Monmouth Medical Center

Because Babies Don't Come With Directions...

Expecting a baby is an exciting time affecting the lives of the prospective parents, other children, family members and friends. At Monmouth Medical Center, The Department of Community Health Education offers a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of parents-to-be and those who care about them.

Please register during your first trimester of pregnancy by calling 732-923-6990 to assure your choice of classes.

For a listing of our monthly childbirth education classes, please click here.

Baby Fair

Because babies don’t come with directions, Monmouth Medical Center holds Baby Fairs, featuring health care professionals from The Eisenberg Family Center, who answer questions from parents-to-be and those considering starting a family. Information on nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, medications, alcohol and smoking, avoiding workplace hazards, folic acid, prenatal testing, fetal growth and development, childbirth classes and choices in maternity care is
available. Tours of The Eisenberg Family Center and nursery are given. Refreshments will be served, and there will be free gifts.
(Children under 14 not permitted.)

One Sunday afternoon or one weekday evening.

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The Eisenberg Family Center Tours

Tours of The Eisenberg Family Center are conducted monthly. A childbirth educator will accompany you and answer your questions. To register for a free tour of the Eisenberg Family Center, please call 1.888.724.7123.
(Children under 14 not permitted.)

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Breastfeeding Today

Breastfeeding offers many health benefits to babies and their mothers. Designed to build confidence in expectant mothers, this program focuses on the process and techniques of breastfeeding including getting started, building your milk supply, pumping and storing milk, and combining working and breastfeeding. Expectant fathers are invited, too.
Fee: $65.

One Thursday evening or one Saturday morning.

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Preparation for Childbirth

This five-session program prepares each expectant mother and her support person for the birth experience. Topics include body changes during pregnancy, labor and birth and anesthesia options. A strong emphasis is placed on relaxation techniques, Lamaze breathing techniques, comfort measures and labor support. A tour of the Eisenberg Family Center is included.
Fee: $125.

Five Tuesday evenings.

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One-Day Preparation for Childbirth

This class is geared for those with busy lifestyles or fluctuating schedules who are unable to commit to a five-week series. The program will focus on what to expect during labor and birth, anesthesia choices, relaxation, Lamaze breathing techniques and coping strategies. A childbirth film is shown. The day is busy and intense, and advance reading is required. For the highly motivated. A tour of the Eisenberg Family Center is included.
Fee: $189.

Breakfast and lunch included. One Sunday.

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Two-Day Preparation for Childbirth

Featuring the same program content as One-Day program (see above), this course is presented in a two-session format. A tour of the Eisenberg Family Center is included.
Fee: $160.

Continental breakfast is included both days. Two Saturday mornings.

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One-Day Marvelous Multiples

This prenatal education course is designed for those expecting twins, triplets or more and should be attended early in the second trimester of pregnancy. Topics to be discussed include nutrition, labor and delivery, anesthesia options, Cesarean section, relaxation techniques, risks and complications of multiple pregnancy, recovery and caring for multiples. Includes a tour of the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A tour of the Eisenberg Family Center is included. Class includes question-and-answer time with veteran parents of multiples.
Fee: $189.

Continental breakfast is included. One Sunday morning.

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Childbirth Update / VBAC

This program provides an update and refresher for those who have previously participated in childbirth preparation classes. This is an opportunity to review and practice prepared childbirth techniques and relaxation skills, and discuss the newest aspects of obstetrics. It will also prepare expectant parents who are planning for a vaginal birth after a Cesarean section (VBAC).
Fee: $50.

One Wednesday evening.

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Cesarean Birth Education

This program will prepare expectant parents to share in the birth of their baby by Cesarean section. Discussion centers on what to expect physically and emotionally, and all aspects of delivery.
Fee: $50.

One Wednesday evening.

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Baby Care Basics

During this two-session program for expectant parents, the focus is on care of the new baby, including bathing, dressing, feeding, infant growth and development, safety, decisions about returning to work and other adjustments to life with baby for the new parents.
Fee: $95.

Two Saturday afternoons or two Thursday evenings.

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Make Room for Baby (Ages 2 and up)

This class is designed especially for children preparing for the birth of a sibling. Included in this class are a discussion about babies and a movie about becoming a big brother or sister. The children, accompanied by their parents, will have a look into the nursery windows.
Fee: $50.

One Saturday morning.

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Grandparents Program

Grandparents-to-be may feel that prenatal care, preparation for childbirth and child care practices have changed dramatically since they were new parents. During this program, grandparents have the opportunity to meet with a prenatal educator and discuss current trends in childbirth and infant care so that they can help support their own children as they become parents. The session will include demonstrations and grandparents will have infant-size models for hands-on practice.
Fee: $40 per participant, $50 per couple.

One Monday evening. Gift certificates available.

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Adoptive Parenting

Are you planning to adopt? We’d like to help you prepare for your child’s arrival. Classes include information on infant care, feeding and formula preparation, baby equipment, safety and child growth and development during the first year of life.
Fee: $175 per couple.

Two sessions.

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Mother-to-Mother Support Group

Now that you have your baby, join with other new mothers to talk about what you’re experiencing. Group discussions will be led by a registered nurse. Topics will include adjustments to parenthood, feeding your baby, infant massage, learning your baby's signs and signals and soothing an infant. There will be time for information sharing and questions. Newborns to 6 months of age are welcome too.

No older children please. One Monday morning each week.

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Happiest Baby on the Block

Helping parents have “The Happiest Baby on the Block” is the goal of a special program that strives to help participants learn an extraordinary approach to keeping babies happy in this unique, innovative class. New parents will learn step-by-step how to help baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes. The class is based on the highly effective approach to babies pioneered by pediatrician Harvey Karp, M.D., in his best-selling book and DVD that helps parents turn on their baby’s “calming reflex” to quickly help fussy babies be calm, calm babies be serene, and all babies sleep an extra 1-3 hours at night.
Fee: $50. (Includes the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Super-Soothing Sleep Sounds CD – a $40 retail value.)

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Daddy Knows Best

Through this class for men, fathers-to-be can learn the skills they need to know to prepare for their new arrivals. The onesession class, taught by a registered nurse who is the father of three young children, will cover diapering and bathing your newborn, getting those tiny arms into baby outfits, and much more. The class will include valuable time with “Veteran Dads” and their babies. Ask all the questions you have and see how these Dads care for their babies. Expectant dads will have infant-sized models to work with as well.
Fee: $75.

One Sunday morning.

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Parenting Young Children Through S.T.E.P.

Using the nationally known S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) approach to developing parenting skills, this five-session program focuses on helping parents gain a better understanding of the needs and behaviors of young children from infancy to age 6. It addresses such topics as communication, encouraging cooperation, effective discipline, and nurturing the social and emotional development of children — all of which can help build healthy family relationships for a lifetime.
Fee: $125 per couple.

Five Wednesday evening sessions. Private classes are also available. Call for fee.

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Moms of Multiples Support Group

The only Moms of Multiples Support Group in the area, Moms of Multiples is led by a registered nurse and a mother of multiples herself who discusses topics including feeding and caring for more than one baby, sleep patterns and behaviors, getting out of the house, relationship changes and more. Meet and network with other new Moms whose situations are similar to your own. Newborns to 6 months of age are welcome.

No older children please. One Wednesday morning each month.

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Understanding Your Toddler

Babies from age 1 to 3 are starting to walk, say "no" and throw tantrums. This program features a discussion of coping strategies for life with a toddler, including real parent-tested techniques. Communication, discipline, building confidence and learning patience will be covered. Ample time for questions and answers is provided in this interactive class.
Fee: $75

One Tuesday evening.

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Summary of Program Fees
Baby Fair FREE
Moms of Multiples Support Group FREE
Eisenberg Family Center Tours FREE
Breastfeeding Today $65
Preparation for Childbirth (five sessions) $125
One-Day Preparation for Childbirth $189
Two-Day Preparation for Childbirth $160
One-Day Marvelous Multiples $189
Childbirth Update/VBAC $50
Cesarean Birth Education $50
Baby Cares Basics $95
Make Room for Baby (Ages 2 and up) $50
Grandparents Program (per person) $40
(per couple)
Adoptive Parenting (per couple) $175
Mother-to-Mother Support Group FREE
Happiest Baby on the Block $50
Daddy Knows Best $75
S.T.E.P. (per couple) $125
Moms of Multiple Support Group FREE
Understanding Your Toddler $75

* Save money with our Childbirth Preparation Package. Sign up for
any childbirth preparation class (One- or Two-Day, Five-Session
or Marvelous Multiples) along with the Breastfeeding Today and
Baby Care Basics classes and receive a $30 discount on the total
registration cost.

Payment is due three weeks prior to class

All prices include a non-refundable $30 registration fee.

“No-Shows” will pay full program fee. No rescheduling will be provided.

Registration is required for all programs.

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For additional information or to preregister, please call
The Department of Community Health Education at 732.923.6990

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