Hip Arthroscopy

Monmouth surgeons are among the few in New Jersey and New York area who regularly perform hip arthroscopy, a cutting-edge, same-day surgery that has had excellent results for athletes and patients with injuries to the hip capsule and labrum. For patients who have torn cartilage, bone fragments, bone spurs or loose cartilage that create hip pain and impingement, hip arthroscopy may be appropriate. Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that involves use of an arthroscope—a small camera—and microsurgical instruments.

Monmouth Medical Center surgeons perform hip arthroscopy to restore joint function by removing loose fragments or inflamed tissue, reshaping diseased areas of bone or cartilage, and repairing labral tears.

Typically, patients begin physical therapy immediately after hip arthroscopy. Most patients return to functional activities within 10 days and sports as early as three to four weeks.

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