Breast Surgery

Monmouth offers advanced breast surgery led by a team of the region's finest board-certified general surgeons who specialize in breast surgery. Monmouth-affiliated breast surgeons were the first in the region to offer protocol-tested sentinel lymph node biopsy — an alternative to major surgery in determining whether a woman's breast cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. Breast surgery is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and ranges from breast conservation to mastectomy with reconstruction by a panel of board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Additionally, Monmouth's team of dedicated breast imagers perform needle localization of breast lesions to help surgeons pinpoint the target area during surgery. Surgery is usually the first line of attack against breast cancer, and Monmouth's team of breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists feel that combining meticulous surgical technique, state-of-the-art radiation therapy and appropriate chemotherapy contributes to the center’s extremely low local recurrence rates after lumpectomy. In fact, our documented results indicate one of the lowest local recurrence rates in the nation. Following surgery and treatment, patients are carefully followed through regular visits with the surgeon and medical and radiation oncologist.

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At Monmouth Medical Center, breast surgeons are a part of a team of highly qualified physicians who treat a large volume of breast cancer patients and stress attention to detail, consideration of all treatment options, and a full panel discussion at each point in treatment through weekly multidisciplinary team meetings. Each patient's individual circumstances are carefully considered when making treatment recommendations, and the ability for each physician to consult immediately with any of our breast center physicians has expedited care for our patients. Social workers, nurse navigators, and a genetic counselor are readily available to assist patients and their families. Breast cancer care is provided at the comprehensive breast center located on the hospital campus, ensuring access to the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services that an academic medical center can provide. These include Monmouth's highly regarded laboratory and radiology department, which offers PET/CT imaging through Monmouth's affiliation with Shrewsbury Diagnostic Imaging.