About Our Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Diagnosing complex gastric and esophageal disorders requires the most advanced tools. Monmouth’s Center for Minimally Invasive Esophageal and Gastric Surgery offers patients convenient access to a host of advanced diagnostic testing procedures, including the 24-hour Bravo pH Monitoring System, which tests the pH levels in the esophagus to help determine a course of treatment. Additionally, the center offers through Monmouth Medical Center’s Medical Day Stay Unit access to endoscopy, motility testing, esophageal manometry, and endoscopic ultrasound, with fine-needle biopsy.

The diagnostic imaging department offers the latest state-of-the- art technology to meet all diagnostic-imaging needs. Every image is read and interpreted by Monmouth’s board-certified radiologists. Services offered include gastric-emptying studies, upper GI series and CT scans.

Monmouth Medical Center’s fully computerized laboratory boasts a core staff of highly trained pathologists, technologists and technicians. An adjacent outpatient blood drawing station offers convenient access to blood work.