Minimally Invasive Kidney Cancer Surgery

New Weapons Against Kidney Disease

Now available at Monmouth: state-of-the-art treatments that help people get back to the business of living.

Not long ago, taking out a cancerous kidney meant major surgery with a 10- to 20-inch abdominal incision and, often, removal of the patient's 12th rib. That's a thing of the past at Monmouth Medical Center, the first hospital in central New Jersey to offer a minimally invasive alternative that's highly effective and far easier on the patient.

Introduced at Monmouth by urologist Y. Samuel Litvin, M.D., and surgeon Frank J. Borao, M.D., director of Monmouth's Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, hand-assisted laparoscopicnephrectomy allows surgeons to remove the kidney through s three-inch incision --- an opening just large enough to allow a surgeon's hand to manipulate the diseased organ.

"The procedure represents a real change in the approach to renal carcinomas," Dr. Litvin says. "Manipulating the kidney by hand gives us the tactile information and depth perception that are missing with the standard procedures."

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