Headache Infusion Center

Headache and Facial Pain Center


Headache Infusion Center:

The Center’s Infusion Suite is an outpatient area devoted to intravenous infusions specific for headaches.

The goal of out-patient infusions is to provide urgent care for established headache patients who would otherwise have to visit the emergency room.

This service is available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. and provides same-day care for established headache patients referred in by any neurologist on-staff at the hospital.

Some headache patients will only use the infusion center one time for treatment of an acute headache with intravenous medications.

Other patients will use it intermittently to maintain control of their headaches so that they can be safely discontinued from medications that perpetuate headache in a supervised out-patient setting.

Contact you treating neurologist to find out more and be referred to the center. If you do not already have a Monmouth Neuroscience affiliated neurologist, please call or email our physician referral service for a referral.

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