Wound Treatment Center

Wound Treatment Center at Monmouth Medical Center

Offering the Care You Need When Healing Doesn’t Come Naturally

Offering “Tomorrow’s Wound Technology-Today”

Wound Treatment Center at Monmouth Medical Center


Doctor: living bandage changes wound care

By Walter J. O’Neill, Jr.
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The Wound Treatment Center at Monmouth Medical Center stands at the forefront of providing our patients with the most extensive treatment options and advanced technology available when it comes to promoting the healing process of wounds. Our unique team of caring wound specialists will tailor a plan of care especially for you. We focus on the underlying conditions responsible for the delayed healing process and provide you with the most current, comprehensive and compassionate wound care possible.

Your best chance for complete healing is at a comprehensive wound treatment center. As one of New Jersey’s largest academic medical centers and main campus for Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, Monmouth Medical Center provides the latest in medical healing technology, procedures and treatments to heal your wound. Our outcomes have consistently shown that with proper treatment and specialized care, we can improve quality of life and heal most chronic wounds.

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