Cancer Center - Billy's Story

Every year, 1.6 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Behind that statistic are real people – our family, our friends, our neighbors …me.


I have been diagnosed with cancer five times in the past six years. In November of 2009, it was determined that a lump in my neck was late stage three cancer. Then, nearly two years later, my first melanoma was discovered. The third, most recent melanoma was diagnosed in November of 2014.

The road has been a long one. I have been through extensive surgeries, countless chemotherapy and radiation sessions, testing of medications including my current immunotherapy, and so many follow up visits and scans. I still consider myself lucky.

Thanks to a friend, my first call in this long journey was to Monmouth Medical Center. It proved to be the right decision. Home to a diligent renowned medical staff, I would not be here today without my knowledgeable, compassionate team of doctors and nurses. Second only to my wife Pegeen, the team at Monmouth Medical Center offered the support and tough love I needed when I felt like I couldn’t fight anymore.

Cancer is frightening and regardless of the type, we all share the same struggles. Behind every cancer, is a story of courage, hope, and far too often, loss.

Thousands of people, fighting all types of cancers, are helped each year at the Leon Hess Cancer Center at Monmouth Medical Center. The staff there has heart. Even though they saw me at my most vulnerable, they never stopped making me feel like things would be okay. They have helped my family and I navigate through this difficult experience and somehow make it bearable. I truly feel like I am in incredible hands and I have put 100% of my trust in them. I hope that all cancer patients can say the same.

Billy Anderson
Freehold, NJ

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