Cancer Center - Pat's Story

Cancer-free since 2008, Pat Mayer credits Monmouth Medical Center and her favorite physician with guiding her through her battle with breast cancer…

Dr. Sharon and Pat Mayer

Pat Mayer of Sea Girt has been cancer free for 8 years. She credits her oncologist Dr. David Sharon and the team at Monmouth Medical Center for playing a significant role in her battle with cancer and her successful recovery.

“To say I am grateful for the care I received from Dr. Sharon and the team at Monmouth Medical Center is an understatement,” Pat said. “When I look back, I realize I have been blessed to meet some of the best people during my journey. Dr. Sharon and the staff at Monmouth Medical Center top that list.”

The highly skilled, compassionate team at Monmouth helped Pat fight breast cancer with confidence. “From the receptionists, to the top surgeons and oncologists, I was never less than impressed with the superior quality of care,” she said.

She still recalls clearly her first meeting with Dr. Sharon and the bond that instantly formed between them. “I was so nervous but at the same time, felt a sense of confidence when he came out into the waiting area to greet me. He even stood by my side while I made my next appointment. That first impression is what led me down the road to fight for my health,” Pat said.

Dr. Sharon makes every effort to put his patients at ease and was touched to know that this gesture made such an impact on Pat. “When I meet a patient like Pat with some anxiety and concerns I try to help them find their hidden strength. Pat was able to do that and it is why so has done so well in her treatment and recovery.”

According to Pat, Dr. Sharon put her on track to receive the best clinical care during and after her breast cancer treatment. They both truly believe in the skill and spirit of the entire cancer care program at Monmouth Medical Center. “I tell everyone that my wife has her mammography done at Monmouth. What stronger recommendation is there?” Dr. Sharon said.

Because of her outstanding care, Pat sees the need to support the best health care close to home.

“The team at Monmouth Medical empowered me. I support Monmouth Medical Center because of the outstanding care it provides to our entire community and you can too. You never know when you or a family member or friend may need medical care. When those times do arise, having the best health care options and support services in your community is invaluable.”

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