Debra and Peter Camamis

Couple Become First Husband and Wife to Undergo Back-to-Back Weight Loss Surgery at Monmouth Medical Center

Married couple, Debra and Peter Camamis, had been struggling together with their weight for most of their married life. They turned as a couple to Monmouth Medical Center and became the first husband and wife to undergo weight-loss surgery on the same day.

“We were getting more and more discouraged,” Debra said of their weight-loss efforts. “We would lose and gain, lose and gain.”

As they got older, their weight gain resulted in a host of health problems including Peter’s sleep apnea and high blood pressure. By the time the couple visited Frank J. Borao, M.D. — Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and the medical director of Monmouth Medical Center’s Weight Loss Surgery Program — Peter had already been diagnosed with diabetes.

Debra and Peter Camamis of Monmouth Beach had struggled with their weight for most of their married lives until they turned as a couple to Monmouth Medical Center. They were the first husband and wife to undergo weight-loss surgery on the same day.

Debra and Peter researched their options thoroughly and the more they learned, the more confident they became that weight loss surgery and the vertical sleeve was the right choice for them. The couple wanted Dr. Borao to perform their surgery.

Dr. Borao is one of the nation’s leading laparoscopic surgeons. He is fellowship trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery and has pioneered a host of minimally invasive surgical techniques. The program at Monmouth Medical Center has a patient-centered philosophy and its weight loss surgery outcomes are among the best in the nation.

“My sister-in-law had been a patient of Dr. Borao’s and sang his praises,” Debra said. “My husband and I met with him and we really liked him. He is just like a regular guy who seems to have all the time in the world to comfort you and to answer your questions.”

The whole process of working with Monmouth Medical Center’s Weight Loss Surgery Program was a rich educational experience, according to the Camamises. “After receiving a thorough education on our options regarding weight loss procedures, then meeting with the nutritionist and attending support group meetings, we felt able to make a confident decision on which procedure best met our needs,” Debra said.

Not only did Debra and Peter decide to have the same surgery, but they also scheduled it together and became the first couple at Monmouth Medical Center to have surgery on the same day — one after the other.

“Dr. Borao knows what is important — he found a hiatal hernia (stomach in the chest) when he started my surgery, which he repaired and then performed my sleeve gastrectomy,” Debra said. “After the surgery, we stayed in the hospital two and a half days and received the best of care.”

Debra and Peter are very pleased with their decision to undergo surgery with Dr. Borao at Monmouth Medical Center. They describe going through the surgery together and supporting each other through the recuperation process as a wonderful experience. In the five months following their surgery, Debra has lost 57 pounds and Peter has lost 66 pounds.

“We tried diet after diet and we kept getting heavier and heavier,” Debra said. “We wanted to live the rest of our lives healthier so we would be able to enjoy our grandchildren.”

To learn more about the weight loss program at Monmouth Medical Center, call 732-923-6070.

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