Diane and Kevin O’Reilly

Diane and Kevin O’Reilly have been married 28 years and love to go out dancing together. But they weren’t always so active.

In fact, five years ago, Diane and Kevin were facing some serious health issues from being overweight. Diane had back problems and heart concerns, and Kevin had asthma, sleep apnea and was pre-diabetic.

Long Branch couple Diane and Kevin O’Reilly love to go out dancing together - a passion they were able to resume following successful weight-loss surgery at Monmouth Medical Center.

In 2006, Diane, a nurse, decided she could improve her health by losing weight and opted to have a gastric bypass procedure. She lost 95 pounds and has kept it off.

“Everything went fine,” Diane said. “It is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure. You can’t eat too much or the wrong things.”

When Kevin saw the positive impact the surgery had on his wife’s weight and health, he decided to follow suit. In 2008, he visited Frank J. Borao, M.D., Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Surgical Director at the Weight Loss Surgery Program at Monmouth Medical Center and opted to have the same gastric bypass surgery that his wife had undergone.

As one of the nation’s leading laparoscopic surgeons and the author of a textbook chapter on the subject, Dr Borao has been performing these procedures for more than a decade. Monmouth Medical Center’s Weight Loss Surgery Program has a patient-centered philosophy and tailors the procedure to the patient rather than the patient to the procedure.

According to Kevin, “The experience was excellent. The once-a-month meetings offered by the Department of Weight Loss Surgery at Monmouth Medical Center helped me to determine the procedure that would work best for me.”

Since his surgery, Kevin has dropped 95 pounds, from a high of 270 to his current weight of 175, and has dramatically changed his lifestyle.

“I am as healthy as I have ever been in my life,” he says. “My asthma is nonexistent, I no longer drink soda and I go to the gym five days a week.”

Both Diane and Kevin are fully enjoying their newfound health and energy. According to Kevin, “My wife looks just like she did when we first got married.”

To learn more about the weight loss program at Monmouth Medical Center, call 732-923-6070.

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