Mark F. Hughes III

Minimally Invasive Surgery Helps Rumson Attorney Achieve Life Saving Weight Loss

For Mark F. Hughes III of Rumson, food was the way to relieve the pressures of his life as an attorney. Though heavy as a child, Mark continued to put on weight while attending law school, working as a legal assistant, a municipal prosecutor and now running his own law practice. When he reached 407 pounds, Mark, his wife Lisa and their son Connor knew he needed help.

They turned to Monmouth Medical Center, where Frank J. Borao, MD, Surgical Director of the Centers for Minimally Invasive Esophageal/ Gastric and Complex Hernia Surgery, and Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery, performed a weight loss procedure called lap-band surgery two years ago.

“I was using food to manage the stress of supporting a family while running my own business,” Mark said. With his weight continually increasing, Mark developed high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, cellulitis and sleep apnea – all common, dangerous conditions related to excess weight.

After meeting Dr. Borao, Mark started a six-month pretesting program required of all weight loss surgery patients, in which he attempted to lose weight with the assistance of a physician. When that failed to result in significant weight loss, both Dr. Borao and Mark agreed to try the lap-band procedure, where a small pouch is made at the top end of the stomach with a saline-filled band.

Dr. Borao said the lap-band procedure is a minimally invasive surgical technique that requires no overnight stay in the hospital. For Mark, it meant he arrived in the hospital early in the morning, and was back home later in the afternoon.

In addition to his weight loss, Dr. Borao said Mark has reduced his blood pressure, cut back on his hyperglycemia medications and is sleeping better. As Mark’s weight loss is monitored, Dr. Borao can modify and adjust the lap-band as needed in a simple procedure that takes only five minutes to perform in the doctor’s office.

Mark says his decision to undergo lap-band surgery was a positive experience. Acknowledging that his dependence on food caused some serious health complications, he knows he doesn’t want to go back there again. “I want to be around for my son,” he said.

Since then, Mark has lost over 72 pounds.

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