Michael Werner

Middletown resident Michael Werner is a diabetic and had been managing his condition for some time. He wasn’t having any issues with his feet until he woke up one Sunday morning and noticed that the big toe on his right foot was completely black. According to Michael, “I had been feeling tired most of the week, but I wasn’t having any problems with my feet, like a wound or a scratch. I thought that maybe it was a reaction to a flu shot I had earlier in the week.” He immediately went to the Emergency Department at Monmouth Medical Center where he learned he had gangrene due to poor blood flow. The next day his toe was amputated and he had a vein from his right arm placed in his thigh to increase the blood flow to his foot.

After Michael’s surgery, he developed an open wound right next to the amputated toe on the second toe of his right foot, a common condition in this situation. He decided to visit the Wound Treatment Center at Monmouth Medical Center and was more than pleased with the results. After a thorough examination, it was recommended that he undergo treatment in the wound center’s hyperbaric chamber. Michael went for 35, two-hour sessions in the chamber and his wound has completely healed. Michael explained, “My wife had heard about the hyperbaric chamber and how it was helping diabetics with wounds. I wasn’t sure if my insurance would cover it, but they did.” He continued, “I was nervous at first, but Sherry Kessler RN, the director of the program, was right there by my side and totally calmed me down. The entire Wound Center staff was very professional and caring. When we first arrived, they introduced themselves and explained exactly what I should expect. After the first few sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, I was very comfortable. I actually felt great every time I left the chamber as the increased oxygen was not only good for my wound – it made me feel energized and healthy.”

Today, Michael truly enjoys walking around on a beautiful day. He shared, “My foot is great and has completely healed. I am thankful that I have the full use of my foot and fully appreciate each and every day.”