Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center

Diagnosis we treat:

The Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (HTC) provides care for children and adults with inherited and acquired coagulation disorders including:

Inherited Bleeding Disorders Inherited Clotting Disorders
Hemophilia A and B Factor V Leiden
Von Willebrand Disease Prothrombin Gene Mutation
Single Factor Deficiencies Antithromin III
Platelet Disorders Protein C Deficiency
Protein S Deficiency

Services we offer

The comprehensive services provided by the Center include:

  • annual medical evaluations
  • laboratory testing
  • coagulation evaluation, including diagnosis and treatment
  • evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic hemorrhages
  • on-site physical therapy evaluation
  • education and training for home treatment (self-infusion)
  • assessment, education, and training of inhibitor patients regarding immune tolerance treatment
  • psychosocial services
  • coordination of care with specialists
  • education to patients, families, providers, schools and community
  • access to medical treatment trials

Coagulation Laboratory

The Betty & Howard Isermann Special Coagulation Laboratory, affiliated with the Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center at NBIMC/CHoNJ, offers specialized coagulation testing for the diagnosis of inherited and acquired disorders associated with bleeding and thrombosis.


The HTC participates in research studies that will advance knowledge of bleeding and clotting disorders. The Center currently participates in ATHN (The American Thrombosis and Hemostatis Network) a nonprofit organization committed to advancing and improving care for individuals affected by bleeding and thrombotic disorders. ATHN provides stewardship of a secure national database, adherent to all privacy guidelines, which is used to support clinical outcomes analysis, research, advocacy and public health reporting in the hemostasis and thrombosis community.

Make an appointment

Please call 973.926.6511 for a consultation with a specialist.

For 24 hour emergency consultation please call 973.926.7230 for the adult hematologist and 973.926.7161 for the pediatric hematologist or visit the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Emergency Room.

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