Gynecologic Cancer

Gynecological Cancer

Our multidisciplinary team approach to gynecological cancer offers the peace of mind that every aspect of your care is carefully considered and led by experts.

Our team of specialists have extensive expertise treating all types and stages of gynecologic cancers, including ovarian, uterine, cervical, endometrial and vulvar cancer. In addition to understanding the many treatment options and therapies available, they understand that gynecologic cancers often have a wide range of physical and emotional effects, and can support patients and families through every aspect of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The First Steps

Before your initial consultation, our gynecological cancer treatment team comes together and thoroughly evaluates individual needs, discussing nuances and benefits of treatment options, based on your medical records and completed diagnostic tests. Together, they develop a plan of action to ensure that diagnosis is precise, and that the best treatments are provided to minimize side effects yet maximize effectiveness on your particular form and stage of cancer.

A dedicated Patient Navigator will coordinate every aspect of your care, providing your with total support and acting as your liaison at the Center. The Patient Navigator will arrange appointments, treatments and tests and more, as needed, and will simplify your treatment process, allowing you to focus on getting well.

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