Family Treatment Center

Family Treatment Center -  HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

The Family Treatment Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center provides specialized care and treatment for individuals and families infected and affected by HIV or AIDS. The Center focuses on intervention and treatment during all stages of the disease. Our pediatric program addresses the special needs of children and adolescents. We provide specialty as well as primary care to infants and children.

Our Philosophy

Since 1989, the Family Treatment Center has sought to maintain health and enhance the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS. Warmth and compassion are at the core of the FTC's approach. FTC staff members recognize the importance of patient centered care and individualized case management services for our patients and their families.

For more information about the Family Treatment Center or individual services, please contact these numbers:

Specialized Adult Health Care 973.926.5212
Specialized Pediatric Health Care 973.926.8004
Prevention Services 973.926.7523
Confidential HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral 973.926.5197
Housing Program 973.926.8247

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