Patient Story - Abisola

Abisola, 27, of Newark was delighted to find out she was pregnant with her first child. Soon after she had this good news, she got sick and thought she had the flu. Originally doctors told her she might have pneumonia, but when her joint pain was severe she was told she had lupus. In addition, during her pregnancy until that point, her blood pressure rose to a level that must needed careful monitoring. At that point she was referred to Dr. Martin Gimovsky, maternal fetal medicine specialist, as a high risk pregnancy patient.

Until that time, I was really worried about myself and especially for the health of my unborn baby. Dr. Gimovsky has such a way about him that I felt like when he was with me, I was his only patient in the world. He listened to my concerns and together we worked out a plan for the delivery. Dr. Gimovsky worked with the team of MFM specialists, Dr. Munir Nazir and Dr. Karen Kosica to facilitate. Although her little daughter Zara was early (she was induced at 31 weeks in the best interest of mom and baby) she is now almost 4 lbs. and under the expert care of NBIMC's Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. During her days she does kangaroo care (skin-to-skin contact that enhances the bond between mother and baby) and Zara already recognizes mom's voice.