Patient Story - Zinada

A Decade of Anguish, A New Bundle of Joy


Even while holding 10 week old Baby Thomas in her arms, you can still feel the anguish in her voice when Zinada speaks about the nine years she worked at trying to conceive. After seven miscarriages, numerous doctor visits in New Jersey, New York and overseas in Germany and Georgia, the couple also explored the option of employing a surrogate mother. The determined dance instructor even became a certified sonographer specializing in maternal fetal medicine so she could gain insight in understanding about why she was having difficulties and her inability to have a child.

After graduation, she was hired in our OB ultrasound department at The Beth where she met Dr. Munir Nazir and saw first-hand the incredible difference the care expectant moms receive here. She asked Dr. Nazir to review her case. Dr. Nazir immediately started preparing her for conception with specific medications to correct her blood issues. She saw hematologist Dr.Sari Jacoby and soon found herself finally pregnant. Chikviladze has nothing but accolades about every single caregiver she came in contact with in her journey to motherhood. "They make miracles happen here. I want to tell my story so that others do not have to go through what I went through to have a child," she says. "They need to come to Newark and see this team of very accomplished, personal and trusted caregivers."