Our Physicians

Steven Parmett, MD Steven Parmett, MD
Chairman, Department of Radiology
Jerry Green, MD Jeremy Green, MD
Chief of Ultrasound and Body MR
Co-Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging
Hillel J. Karp, MD Hillel J. Karp, MD
General Competency
Sang Oh Lee, MD Sang Oh Lee, MD
Nuclear Medicine
John Matthews, MD John Matthews, MD
Lukasz M Partyka MD Lukasz M Partyka, MD
Tej Phatak, MD Tej Phatak, MD
Pediatric Radiology
Michael Sadler, MD Michael Sadler, MD
Body Imaging
Suken Shah, MD Suken Shah, MD
Interventional Radiology
Vadim Spektor, MD Vadim Spektor, MD
Radiology Residency Program Director, Neuroradiology
Karen B WEinshelbaum MD Karen B Weinshelbaum, MD

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