Transplant Centers

Cardiac Transplantation (973) 926-7205

In 1986, the Medical Center was designated as the only heart transplantation center in the state by the N.J. Department of Health. More than 275 heart transplants have been performed since the program began. The percentage of patients surviving transplantation is higher than most programs nationwide. In addition, the Medical Center offers left-ventricular assist devices (LVADs) that allow heart transplant candidates more personal independence while awaiting transplantation.

Renal Transplantation (973) 926-7555

The Renal Transplant Satellite at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is an out-patient transplant clinic that manages patients who received a kidney transplant at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

The medical records for Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s former kidney transplant patients are retained by and stored, on-site and electronically, by Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Records can be accessed by contacting the following number and address:

Attn: Health Information Management
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
201 Lyons Avenue at Osborne Terrace,
Newark, New Jersey 07112

Telephone: (973) 926-7409

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