Cancer Center - Catherine's Story

It is impossible to describe how devastating it is to hear the words, “you have cancer.”

Catherine Cooper

Like many women, when life got hectic, I put my family first, delaying many personal priorities including my annual mammogram. Then, at 45-years-old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I could not believe what I heard. I am thankful that in the midst of feeling fear and desperation, I was directed to the Cohen Cancer Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Today, I am lucky to say I have been cancer free for 15 years. The commitment and compassion delivered by the entire staff at The Beth was phenomenal – they treated me like family. At a very frightening time, they made me feel that I was the only person that mattered and that it was all about me. That made all the difference.

So many people, fighting all types of cancers, are helped each year at the Frederick B. Cohen, MD Comprehensive Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. The staff there has heart. And, as a leading cancer center in Northern New Jersey, patients like me have access to the highest level of care, including the most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment options available.

Catherine Cooper, Newark, NJ

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