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Our Leaders in Nursing Nancy Holecek

Senior Vice President for
Patient Care Services for
Barnabas Health, is
responsible for all the
nursing and related
patient care services.

Nursing Specialties

We offer nursing
specialties such as
Perioperative Nursing
and Emergency
Department Nursing.

Employment Opportunities

One of the unique
benefits of a nursing
career with Barnabas
Health is the tremendous
amount of opportunities
available in a variety
of health care settings.

"I Want to be a Nurse"

Barnabas Health offers a
wide variety of opportunities
for student nurses.

1st Annual Barnabas Health Pediatric Nursing Conference

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 To provide education and updates on current pediatric nursing topics.
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Janice M. Gamper, RN, Nursing

It is with great pleasure that we offer this Nursing
Scholarship for students currently enrolled or accepted
into an accredited nursing program.

95 Old Short Hills Road, West Orange, New Jersey 07052
PHONE: 1-888-724-7123