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Adam B Sivitz MD - Emergency Medicine - Newark

Adam B Sivitz MD

Primary Specialties
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric-Emergency Medicine
  • Affiliations
    Childrens Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
    Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

    Primary Office

    Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
    201 Lyons Avenue
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    Newark, NJ 07112
    (973) 282-0562

    Experience & Education

    Medical Education: Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, 2001

    Residency: Schneider Children's Hospital, New Hyde Park, NY, 2005

    Fellowship: Hasbro Children's Hospital, Brown Medical School, Providence, Rhode Island, 2008

    Accepted Health Plans

    Accepted Health Plan information is only as accurate as the most current information submitted. Prior to your appointment, it is advisable to verify with a physician office that they are still a participating provider.
    • Aetna US Health Care
    • Americhoice
    • Amerigroup
    • Amerihealth
    • Barnabas Employee Health Plan
    • Cigna Healthcare
    • Consumer Health Network
    • Empire Healthchoice
    • First Health Network
    • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Horizon Managed Care
    • Horizon PPO
    • Horizon Traditional/Indemnity
    • Magnacare/Magnet
    • Medicare
    • Multiplan
    • National Provider Network
    • Oxford Health Plans
    • Qualcare
    • United Health Care
    • Wellchoice
    • Health Net


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