Physician Profile Update Form

Update Your Physician Profile

update your physician profile

The physician finder on had more than 250,000 page views last year and is consistently among the top five most visited areas of the website.

To help patients find you online, physician profiles now include an in-depth bio, larger photo, your areas of interest and more.

To take advantage of these features, complete a profile questionnaire to tell patients about yourself and your practice.

The questionnaire includes:

  • Basic personal info and biographical statement
  • Areas of clinical interests
  • Office information (insurances accepted, office hours)
  • Photo upload tool

Profile Photo

update your physician profile

If your physician profile is missing a photo, you will have the opportunity to upload your own professional head shot at the end of the online form. Or, you can email your photo to

NOTE: Photos will only be accepted if they meet the directory criteria, including:

  • Formal headshot in a white coat or professional attire
  • Image files must be in .jpg, .gif or .tiff format (at a resolution of at least 300 dpi)
  • The image must be at least 500 pixels wide and less than 3MB in file size.
  • If you need a professional photo taken, please contact your affiliated hospital's Marketing Dept. and they can arrange for your photo.

Additional Information

A physician’s practice contact information, specialty and hospital affiliation are updated to reflect the most updated records of the Medical Staff office at the affiliated Barnabas Health facility.

If you have questions about updating your profile, email or call 732.557.3941.

Physician Referral Program – Print/Fillable Option

You may also contact a Director of Physician Management or 1-888-724-7123 to learn more about the Physician Referral program and/or complete or update a physician profile.