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Family member or a private caregiver: What should be considered?


Caring for an ill, aging, or disabled person can be a rewarding experience. However, depending on the level of care required and other demands on the caregiver's time and energy, it can also become an overwhelming responsibility. When this occurs, it may be time to explore other home care options, such as hiring a private caregiver.

Barnabas Health Home Care suggests individuals ask themselves the following questions when considering hiring a private caregiver:

  • How much time is required to help care for the individual at home? Is this likely to increase or decrease over time?
  • What skill level is necessary to provide the best care for the individual at home?
  • Are family members and friends capable of providing the necessary care without any one individual becoming overburdened?
  • How does the ill, aging, or disabled individual feel about having a private caregiver assist with his or her care? Is he or she comfortable with the idea of a private caregiver? Does he or she understand the caregiver's need for care assistance?

If the decision is made to hire a private caregiver, you will want to explore many options. Also, it will be important to acknowledge and include the care recipient's preferences. Consider the following questions in your search for appropriate care:

  • What services would be required of the caregiver? (Try writing a job description outlining exactly what would be expected of a caregiver.)
  • Is the individual employed by an agency or organization licensed by the state?
  • What specific services will the caregiver provide, and will these services match your job description?
  • Will the patient's Medicare pay for the service? If not, determine exactly how services will be paid.
  • What are the qualifications of the person or persons rendering care?
  • Will the same person or persons always be available, or will it be necessary to adjust to many different caregivers?
  • Does the agency or organization offer flexibility, making care available on weekends, at nights, and on holidays, for example?
  • How does the agency or organization ensure that its employees treat their patients and patient families with respect?

For helpful articles about issues surrounding caregiving, visit and choose "Caregiver Support and Resources."

Barnabas Health Home Care: Care, support and compassion when you need them most.

Barnabas Health Home provides services to people of all ages in the comfortable environment of their own homes.

How Barnabas Health Home Care Can Help

If you or a loved one are:

  • Coming home from the hospital after surgery or illness, our skilled nursing team, certified home health aides and rehabilitation professionals can provide health care services at home to help you regain strength, manage your medications and/or care for a wound.
  • Taking four or more prescription and/or over-the counter medications each day, you may benefit from Barnabas Health Home Care's Medication Management Program. Participants in the program collaborate with a Registered Nurse to review their medication regimen to help avoid medication errors and dangerous drug interactions and to ensure proper administration.
  • Having joint replacement surgery, talk to your doctor about Barnabas Health Home Care's comprehensive Joint Replacement Home Recovery Program. Following your surgery, our team of physical and occupational therapists will work with you at home under the direction of your orthopedic surgeon to help you increase activity and regain independence.
  • Looking for extra help to remain independent at home, Barnabas Health Home Care's Red Door Program provides daily care needs such as light housekeeping, turndown service, wardrobe selection and heart-healthy menu planning.
  • Recovering from a stroke, rely on the Barnabas Health Home Care Stroke Recovery Program to help you regain independence, strength, endurance and quality of life.
  • Managing a chronic illness such has congestive heart failure or diabetes, our nursing team can provide education, home monitoring and resources to help you stay healthy at home and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.
  • Scheduled to undergo cardiac surgery, discuss with your surgeon the option of participating in the Barnabas Health Home Care Cardiac Conditioning Program following surgery. The Program assists patients with the transition from the hospital to their home, following surgery, before they are able to start outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.

For more information about Barnabas Health Home Care, call 973-243-9666 (northern and central NJ) or 732-818-6800 (Ocean County) or visit

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