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Passaic Resident Dedicated to Quality at Barnabas Health for Nearly Two Decades


Sherie Dye has been a valued member of Barnabas Health for nearly two decades, during which time the Passaic, NJ resident has seen Barnabas Health undergo a variety of changes, including adding new facilities and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the system's patients, all the while remaining dedicated to providing high quality care.

"I've been with Barnabas Health Home Care since its inception," says Sherie. "We have a terrific team – not only the billing staff, but everyone who works here. Most of us have been working together for more than 10 years, and everyone is so passionate about what they do and the care we provide."

As business manager for Barnabas Health Home Care in West Orange, Sherie oversees the billing department to ensure Barnabas Health Home Care is compliant with guidelines established by Medicare, Medicaid and managed-care companies. Part of Sherie's job is to manage face-to-face regulations, a new form of documentation required by Medicare that ensures patients are seen by a physician within a specific time frame.

"Because home care is so fluid, everything impacts billing, so I work closely with clinical management to ensure we're accurately reflecting the care we provide," says Sherie. "Every day is a little different, but it's a lot of numbers, spreadsheets and troubleshooting to make sure we're staying abreast of all the changes affecting managed care and are following our contracts properly."

Not only does Sherie ensure things run smoothly at Barnabas Health Home Care, but she's also dedicated her career to helping others in the field troubleshoot their billing-related issues. As a member of the billing committee of the Home Care Association of New Jersey since 1997, the billing committee hosts roundtable discussions to bring problematic billing processes to the forefront, discuss resolutions and develop best practices. She has also participated in roundtables with billing managers who are new to the field to provide insight into the profession.

Sherie earned a certificate in accounting and bookkeeping from MTI Business School in Paramus, N.J. She has four children and serves as PTO president for her children's middle and high school's main campus.

About Barnabas Health Home Care – Care, support and compassion when you need them most. Barnabas Health Home Care offers patients the ability to recover from a serious illness or manage continued health needs in the place where they are most comfortable – their home. Our professionals work closely with each individual's health care team to ensure recovery and/or wellness goals are being met. Through patient and family education and communication, Home Care staff members become partners in each patient's health care plan to ensure the illness and treatment plan are fully understood and to encourage and coach compliance. Our programs, which serve patients of all ages, focus on assisting the individual in achieving and maintaining the highest level of wellness and independence. For more information, please visit

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