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Verona Resident Excels with Barnabas Health Home Care


Before knee replacement surgery, Helen Stack of Verona could barely walk. Her knee jutted out on a sharp angle, and the only way she could get around was by swinging her leg out as she moved.

Not wanting to continue life with limited mobility, Helen scheduled joint replacement surgery and attended a pre-operative planning and education session offered through The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, where she learned more about the procedure, how to prepare beforehand, and what to expect during her hospital stay. She also learned about her options after leaving the hospital – options Helen was relieved to know she had.

"I didn't want to be transferred into a facility after surgery. I wanted to recover in the comfort of my daughter's home surrounded by my family," said Helen. "When I learned about the services provided by Barnabas Health Home Care, I knew that's what I wanted to do."

After surgery, Helen settled in at her daughter's home and was soon met by a physical therapist from Barnabas Health Home Care's Joint Replacement Home Recovery Program. In fact, sixty percent of patients who have surgery at The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center opt to continue their rehabilitation at home following their hospital stay. "The home care physical therapist was here five days a week for just over an hour each day," said Helen. "She took me from barely being able to work my leg to a point where I could be released to outpatient therapy, all in a span of just two-and-a-half weeks."

In order to make such progress, the physical therapist used basic techniques tailored to rehabilitate patients after joint replacement surgery, including straightening the leg and using resistance to strengthen the joint.

"It was a wonderful experience. Before my surgery and physical therapy, I couldn't do a lot of the things I wanted to do because it was so painful to walk. Now, I feel almost reborn. I'm taking an exercise class three days a week and looking forward to the opening of golf season – when I plan to get out of the cart and walk the course!"

For more information about the Barnabas Health Home Care Joint Replacement Home Recovery program, call 973-243-9666.

For more information about The Joint Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, call is 973-322-9908.

About Barnabas Health Home Care – Care, support and compassion when you need them most. Barnabas Health Home Care offers patients the ability to recover from a serious illness or manage continued health needs in the place where they are most comfortable – their home. Our professionals work closely with each individual's health care team to ensure recovery and/or wellness goals are being met. Through patient and family education and communication, Home Care staff members become partners in each patient's health care plan to ensure the illness and treatment plan are fully understood and to encourage and coach compliance. Our programs, which serve patients of all ages, focus on assisting the individual in achieving and maintaining the highest level of wellness and independence. For more information, please visit

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