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Clara Maass Medical Center Senior Management Team Spreads Christmas Spirit to Local Families


CMMC Senior Management

Each year, the Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC) Senior Management team bonds over their ability to make a difference in the lives of some local families, rather than exchanging gifts with one another. The team pools their money together for ShopRite gift cards for less privileged local families who can then enjoy holiday meals with their loved ones. The grocery cards, along with toys donated by the Clara Maass Medical Center Foundation, are given to the Bethany Lutheran Church in Belleville, who assure that the donations are placed in the hands of those in need of a little extra holiday spirit.

Liz of Bethany Lutheran Church (far left) received donations from members of CMMC Senior Management (pictured left to right): Mary Ellen Clyne, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer; Frank Mazzarella, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Diane Coluzzi, Vice President, Outcomes Management; Yasmir Bisal, Vice President of Finance; and Chris Winters, Chief Financial Officer.

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